The largest BLOB available and the namesake of the BLOBS we offer, the 40"x36" irregular-shaped BLOB varies in depth from 10-14" thick. Weight varies with size but these BLOBS are commonly over 200 lbs each and due to this fact and their irregular size/shape, these BLOBS can only be shipped to a commercial delivery address via freight trucking. These BLOBS are made from slightly less dense foam material than the other BLOBS we offer, but regardless, we are confident that if you are looking for a target that will last and for one that is big enough to allow for long-distance shooting, this is the BLOB for you. If you wish to purchase or get more information, contact us.


With a small order of 1-2 of these large BLOBS, it is common for the price of the targets to reach or exceed $350 each (with freight shipping). If you are interested in obtaining the 40"x36" BLOB, please provide the address for the place of business where the targets will be shipped and also the desired quantity (1-16). With an order of 12 or 16 BLOBS (3 or 4 pallets), the cost of freight begins to level off and we can often bring the cost per BLOB down to about half that quoted above, maybe even better (<$170 each).