20"x20" Blob Target

$115.00 each

For a limited time and while supplies last, the 20" x 20" BLOB target will ship TYD anywhere in the lower 48 states for $115 total with FREE shipping - that's $20 OFF the regular shipped price!

The HOLIDAY BLOB SALE has now been extended through New Year's Day (01/01/2018). To ensure delivery by Christmas, you must complete your online order NLT Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017 (Christmas delivery after this date MAY be possible, but we just can't make any promises). 

Back by popular demand, these BLOBS are the best of the best! Originally called "Slick BLOBS" or "Boxed BLOBS," these are the real deal! The characteristics of this material are the best compromise between appearance, longevity, and arrow pull. These targets represent everything good you've heard about BLOB targets! If you are not familiar with the BLOB, we think you'll be glad you stopped by...prepare to be amazed!

We’ll ship the 20”x20" BLOB anywhere in the lower 48 (i.e. the Contiguous U.S.) for just $135 $115 TOTAL. Weight is typically under 70 lbs. Thickness is approximately 11" deep, +/- an inch. 


The 20"x20" BLOB comes standard with a 1-yr replacement guarantee. If you should begin to experience complete pass-throughs during the first year of use - beginning with the date of purchase, we will replace your target for only the cost of shipping. To qualify, you must move your shots around on the face of the target - not only focusing on the center of the target, you must shoot both the front and back of the target, and you must be willing to provide photo/video documentation. Our goal is for our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase and this guarantee is our way of providing assurance to you that you will not be disappointed!